ELEction 2024 Vote for Burbank City Council and School Board Candidate info coming soon

Follow Blue Values Burbank BLUE VALUES BURBANK TOGETHER We can change the present and future of Burbank BLUE VALUES BURBANK Change the present and future Blue Values Burbank empowers Burbank residents to identify and support actions you can take to improve and revive Burbank. BLUE VALUES BURBANK Your vote will impact the city on the issues that matter to you and your family: available and affordable housing; public transportation; safer streets for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists; critical investment in our neighborhoods and schools; and support for our small local businesses. Blue Values Burbank Blue Values Burbank

Why Blue Values Burbank?

There is a strong community in Burbank that knows that we must act to have our values become part of our local government’s decisions.

We recognize and reject Burbank’s past history of being a sundown town and the redlining of BIPOC citizens.

We want our LGBTQ+ friends and neighbors to know that they are valued and part of the fabric of our community.

We want to empower all our children so they feel that their future has no limits.

We care about all of our neighbors, our valued local businesses and everything that makes Burbank such a unique and loved city.

Join our movement to create a Burbank that welcomes all, that values all and has a city government that embodies and enacts these values.


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